New Talent Plan Awaited in Vacancy

Company News

With the expansion of the product line and construction of foreign branches, Fordtek decided to implement the new talent plan from 2019 and invited fresh graduates to join our team for the first time.

A few days ago, Fordtek attended Chongqing Technology and Business University’s career talk and on-campus jobs fair.

At the career talk, Fordtek delivered a speech with the topic "booming industry, global vision and had a special communication with the graduates". HR supervisor answered the students' questions about the daily job, career development, and the company's globalization strategy in details.

At the on-campus jobs fair on November 23, the position of foreign trade assistant (procurement, sales) provided by Fordtek was favored by graduates who aspire to engage in foreign trade. After several rounds of interviews, several graduates started their pre-employment internship in the company.

In addition, Fordtek also accepted a local employee in Vietnam officially earlier this month. With the successive operation of the American branch and German office, there will be more demand for talents in procurement, sales, and operation. More and more professionals all over the world will become "Fordtekers".

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