Fordtek Exhibitions 2018

Company News

1. VitaFoods: 15-17 May 2018:


Europe is one of the most important markets for Fordtek. After years of endeavor and application, Fordtek is going to set up a local service system for the European customers.

2. CPhI Worldwide: 9-11 October 2018: 


As a global manufacturer and distributor of biochemical-based products for human and animal nutrition, Fordtek plans to build on a strong growth momentum with industry-leading lineup thereby expanding the cooperation with European partners.

3. SupplySide West: 8-9 November 2018:


Fordtek has been active in bringing global ideas to SupplySide West starting from November 2018 aiming to expand business lines all over North America. In addition to the warehouses in New York and LA with which Fordtek satisfies the local customer’s needs, a brand-new warehouse and a branch office will be established in California during the first quarter of 2019. 

4. Euro Tier: 13-16 November 2018:


With the good news of the successful establishment of Fordtek GmbH’s, Euro Tier was our last show for 2018. Warehouses in Belgium and Hamburg caught the visitors’ attention. We look forward to embracing the bright future of the European market! 


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